When a guy dumps you, is there anything you can do?

When your boyfriend dumps you, regardless of whether or not you were really serious or just entertaining puppy love, is there anything a dumped ex girlfriend can do about it? I feel like maybe it just makes things worse because I don't think begging is a good idea.


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  • make him realize tht you loved him truly

    more true and genuine ur love,the easier it will be to get him back


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like you want your ex back? If that is the case, you are right, DO NOT BEG!

    I'm trying to get my ex back and have been researching a lot about the right ways to do it, and every single website or person has said it...DO NOT BEG! It will only make you appear desperate and needy and that is never attractive to somebody.

    Something else you don't want to do is stay in constant contact with him right after the break up. Let him come to you! If you don't talk to him or see him for a while, he will wonder where you went and what you're doing...that's when he will contact you if he still cares.

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    Good Luck!

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