My brother moved in with me and my boyfriend?

My brother moved in because him and my mom don't get along well right now. Me and my boyfriend have been trying to decide if we should put down rules. I said no he's 17 and needs freedom and also I'm not motherly at all so I don't want to here all the complaints that I know I will. But now my boyfriend is making it mandatory because when we went out the other day to a party my boyfriend and I saw him making out with this girl (he has a girl friend but it wasn't her). So we took him home and we told him this was a warning and all that. Well the next day my boyfriend came home early to him hooking up with the girl from the party I our bedroom. So I was wondering should I give him rules and if so are there any you think I should give him?


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  • I say yes you should give him rules, but rules with regard to the living arrangement only. Don't try to tell him how to live his life or who he can or cannot kiss, that's for him to decide. The rules you give should be the same sort of rules you would give a stranger living there with regard to respect and boundaries inside the house. For example, clean up after himself, help out with chores, don't have sex in your bed, etc. Don't worry what he does outside of the house unless it directly affects you or your boyfriend.

  • give him some freedom

    dont lay out rules so fast.u don't wanna behave like his mother.probably thts y he left home


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