Rekindling the flames?

So me and my girlfriend have been apart something like 4-5 months now. I've had dreams of her and looked for ways to get her back from the guy she left me for ever since she left me on my birthday. I texted her an apology for acting like a simp after the breakup and she called me and accepted. The thing is EVERYTHING is in perfect clarity to me now. It wasn't really US who had problems with each other, it was THE WORLD AROUND US. ( We were awesome, but our relationship was under some pretty damn extreme circumstances) we were great for a long time, but it was long distance. We saw each other but only every so often. my family went homeless for awhile, I was stressed, her mom was a hater and blamed me for having a bad influence on her, so she kicked out my girlfriend, we both got jobs, and life had been thoroughly kicking my ass for about a year straight but those are only a few of the details. Long story short, I stopped taking care of her like I used to because... Life. She began feeling unhappy and neglected and began talking to an old friend of hers who became her emotional safety net when I wasn't there for her myself. She got grass is greener syndrome and bailed. They've been together since then. Do I explain how everything was actually okay between us and we just succumbed to falling on hard times, or text her another way? I don't wanna seem desperate. (I've since gotten myself together. Two jobs, gotten better with girls, been on some dates, got a new house, going to school, planning a future for myself, even moved MUCH closer to her... etc)
  • Explain the situation and leave it open ended now that everything is better and stable.
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  • Beautifully Said, Beautifully written here, dear. It also seems you have come a long ways With... Two jobs, gotten better with girls, been on some dates, got anew house, going to school, planning a future for myself, even moved MUCH closer to her... etc.
    You Have it ALL with the writing on the wall, you have worked mighty hard to get this far. She is Now with this 'Old friend' who may or may not be a Friend till the end, but with what you have acquired and probably had her mind in doing so, you certainly Deserve to Find out what Mother Nature has in store OR more for you now.
    Send her a long letter and tell her what is going on. Let her Know everything that you feel and have accomplished. I am not sure if these two are really an item but deep inside, you can be with Someone and have Not moved on, because the ghost from the past is still haunting You... Such in her own case with his face.
    If it is meant for you both to get back together and you have come this far from weathering a bad storm in life, then a ripe ol romance will be reaped for you, and everything would have been done as you have wanted it to be, have wished it to be.
    However, if it isn't meant to be in your house of cards, any girl would be lucky to have you and this is what would have been meant for you instead.
    Good luck and Good work. xx


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