If you happened between first and last love, are you forgotten?

"Forgotten" might not be the word for it.

For example if a guy or girl came into someone's life in between their first and last love, does that mean that guy or girl is just "another experience" to them? Like do they not stand out more than the first?

What is your experience with this? Maybe some insight from older GAGers might help.


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  • How do you know when their last love was? Who cares what an ex and happily betrothed partner thinks of you?

    • Well lets say this person is my first love and I am not theirs. Will I just become an "in between" in that person's life while they engrave a huge mark on my heart? Does that make sense?

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    • Do you believe first love holds more sentimental value than the ones that follow?

    • Not for me personally. I had more meaningful relationships after that.

  • you wouldn't be forgotten or another experience because everyone's relationship with a different person is unique. Like being the one in between this persons first and last love means nothing that you mean less to them it just so happened that way, so like I said every relationship is different so if you were in between then I can guarentee there was something about you that will stick out in their mind or else they wouldn't have even dated you in the first place

    • You make some valid points. But they say there is nothing like first love. Because it is unguarded at first. You never been heartbroken before. And there is something about young, first love that is heartwarming in itself.

      I firmly believe people become desensitized the more they have been around the block. It goes from a young innocent love to becoming high in expectation

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