My ex sent me a beautiful apology/thank you letter and ended it by wishing me a good life and asking me not to respond so he can move on?

I appreciate the letter but I'm also mad because I didn't get a chance to say goodbye since he doesn't want me to respond.

Should i I respect his wishes or email him something back?


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  • this is him essentially trying to have the last word and look like a good guy, while you can't say something (well you can) and looking like the ungrateful one.

    at least that's my take. it seems like a ploy to look like the good guy in the end


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  • If it seemed like he wanted to get back together, and you do too, then respond :) Otherwise, just leave it be and let him move on. Happy for you that it ended well, anyhow :)


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  • Respect his wishes and let it go.


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