Why doesn't my ex want to meet up?

He broke up with me 8 months ago because he didn't want a commitment. He said it was him, not me, that I am perfect (whatever). We were together for 3 years in a LDR. We stayed in contact. Not as friends friends but we do talk from time to time. And it's always him initiating. He hasn't been with anyone since we broke up and neither have I. He keeps saying how he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now, how he is focusing on studdies. Well anyways, since we are far from each other, we don't really see each other. But I went to his town few days ago to visit my brother and even though he knew I was there he didn't call to meet up. Last time I was there which was like 4 months ago I asked him to meet up and he bailed out. He later said that it was too soon for him and that next time when I come visit we should definatelly meet for coffee. So yeah, I came, and nothing. Didn't want to be the one calling because what happened last time. When I got back home, he called me with some lame excuse and I told him I was there and he said he didn't even know I was there. He was lying he knew. So why wouldn't he want to meet up if he's over me?


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  • I think your ex really afraid of commitment, it's like open relationship and you're free to go when you feeling boring. try to be more specifically in this relationship , because love can not turn into a friendship.


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  • Because he's over you. You don't matter to him anymore. You're nothing. So he doesn't have to see you. Because he doesn't want. He's over you. You're the one that needs to get on with your life. Sorry. But reality check...

    • Why is he texting me then? Every time something happens good or bad, or some stupid stuff about new movie or tv show, there goes my phone or Skype blowing off by him. Few times a week he asks me what I'm doing and stuff like that...

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