Guys, yet another immautre ex. He has ended - what it would seem - a perfect relationship, because he couldn't commit. Help me understand his reasons?

We're in our mid 20s. We've met in my hometown, he's a foreigner- he'd live in various locations previously. We've been dating for a year. It was a 1st relationship to him, 2nd to me. Things were going easy, we were exclusive, never fighting. I was super understangind with his commitment issues, I understood where he was coming from (family issues,), he got all the space he wanted. I didn't ask for more he could give me, I don't want to marry or have kids either. I was trying to be the best girlfriend, and I enjoyed it- lingerie, cooking, you name it. We were both really supportive and simply enjoyed each other's company. After 3 months he said he was concidering leaving the country, I wasn't in a position where I could go with him, so he stayed. After another 3 months he said the same thing, that he no longer want to stay (he said wasn't happy here), but he again, he stayed for me. After another 3 months he said he can no longer stay. For the first time he said he loved me, we both cried. We didn't see each other for a few days to make up our minds. Now, this time I knew I'd only have few more month of uni to go, so I would have followed him eventually. I also knew we could both use that time apart to see how strong we were. After a few days of not seeing each other he told me he was moving 40k away, and then he didn't know where he'd be after that. I almost broke up with him, but yet again, I understood his reasons- it was probably too soon to plan a life together, so we've agreed on a long distance. We've dated for another month, but he was distanced and cold. A week before his departure he said he couldn't commit and we broke up. He left, we haven't spoken since (2 weeks). I said he was running away and called him immature he said we were different (we did have different hobbies etc, but it wasn't an issue to me). The break up was generally clean, we've hugged each other and said goodbye. Any feedback regarding his behaviour would do. Help me understand him.


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  • Why would you be stupid enough to get with a guy with "commitment issues"? It isn't issues it's issues with you personally


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