Mixed Signals from ex boyfriend?

So me and my boyfriend were together for a year and were seeing each other for quite a while before that. We were inseparable/best friends and did everything together, we loved/love each other very much and we were both each others first real relationship. Throughout our relationship we had petty fall outs and disagreements which we always resolved, but at the end he had enough and said he doesn't think I make him happy anymore and he believes we both need something else. We both had a weird time letting each other go and we hung out a couple times just after the break up as he really wanted to stay close friends. After the relationship ended, I went to get my things from his and we hooked up, instantly he admitted it was a mistake and I was left feeling embarrassed and awkward. He apologized and said he would never forgive himself, and said how he felt guilty for everything that was happening. He also said how he wants to get back with me but knows we would slip in to old habits, talks about how he might have made a mistake yet tells me and all his friends he doesn't see a future for us. He texted me being overly friendly and we hung out since, he would be very touchy and bring up old memories/inside jokes. We're in the same class but he never really looks at me and only acts really awkward/shy when talking to me, although he is always the one to speak to me first - I am attempting NC. He is constantly sharing 'our songs', talking about his sleep deprivation and asking if I'm talking to any new guys yet bragging about how much of a life he has now and how good he feels. Obviously I am still love with him and would do anything to make things work again in the future but I don't know what to make of everything? (We have been broken up for 3 weeks)


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  • I think you should forget about him. It's time


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