Still saying I love you and kissing me?

My boyfriend of 5 months and I have been fighting a lot lately (almost daily, if not daily) for about the past month or so. He's having severe issues with depression (he just started seeing a psychiatrist) and it's been really hard.
Last night he said he isn't happy anymore in the relationship and needs to work on his depression and doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore.
I have been unhappy too (just hadn't said anything) because of the fighting but before all the arguing, we were happy. So I asked him if he'd be willing to give it a few days (no specified amount of time) and see if we can stop arguing and see if he feels happy again.

He agreed and last night kissed me and told me loved me before we went to bed (like always)
and this morning before he left, he hugged me and kissed me twice and told me he loved me.

Now before, when we've had issues (considering breaking up because of the fighting), he didn't tell me he loved me or hugged or kissed me.

He went to his aunt's because they're about to put his childhood dog to sleep because he's dying and he said that the was the main reason for going but also to create some "space from the tension" with us.
He doesn't handle stress that well so I know he needed to get away for the day.

Does it sound like he's considering us trying to work it out?
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He said he agreed to the thing of seeing how it goes for a few days partly because I asked and he respects and loves me and I deserve that, and partly because he wants to.


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  • Yes, for sure he wants to work it out with you.


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  • He wouldn't have agreed to try out the next few days if he didn't want it to work


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  • Thanks for the story.


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  • I think he's considering tryn to work things out but doesn't mean they will work out


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