Has Anyone Liked/Loved Someone So Much?

That when the illusion of your happiness with Him/Her came crashing down around you, You reached a level of Depression you didn't even know was emotionally or physically possible for yourself?


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  • yes , been the loyalest girl ever, waiting for him for two years and bringing gift only to come missing his ex and hanging out with her behind my back and lying about me to her by saying he left me for her... teared my heart into pieces and have been on medicines since then :')

    • Oh my goodness I'm sorry...
      That's scandalous. I hope you feel better and get back out there when your ready.

    • thanks :)... what i mean is that loving someone so much is a fantastic.. you feel very cheered and happy and delighted ,, you want to show more and more feelings BUT trust me the result of a betrayal or a let down afterwards can be very very drastic like in my case, the heart pain was so hard on me that it caused me breast inflammation... it was very painful... so please please pay attention, dont fall head over heels, be very greedyh on your feelings , whenever they show a good trait , or a trustable sign, give a little more of yourself.. and then gradually give more and more as long as they show what deserves this, if not... minus and minus... AND AGAIN TRUST IS ESSENTIAL... if he should any trust of being untrustable... it means he is untrustable... dont dig too deep then.. i dont want you to get hurt like me

    • Thank you, I really wish I would've found this place and posed this question as just a question to get your answer. But I ask because I already experienced it , and I have some shyt relationships to the point I'm starting think I might just be attracted to BullS, all ended bad but this one emotionally I kinda lost it for a minute and I was surprised once I came down from it how bad I took it, and it wasn't even because he hurt me. It was more because I deluded myself and choose to ignore what was obvious.

  • Yes I have. And it sucks.


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