My ex refollowed me on snapchat?

my ex boyfriend broke up with me about a year and some change ago. he blocked me on every single thing , fb, snapchat, twitter , IG ( i did kinda turn into a crazy ex girlfriend that ight havve been why). but basically he blocked me on everything, but one thing that was on and off was tehe blocking off his cellphone, he would blocked my number at first and then he unblocked me , i would send messages he would read them but never ever reply. this one time he did reply when i went wild on him cus i found out he was talking to another girl and he said he never wanted to talk to me again, well now a year later , after texting him on and off for months with no reply back he added me on snapchat, so that means that he must have unblocked me and re added me cus i was blocked for the longest , also he is ALWAYS watching my snapchats , he is always one of the first viewers, what does this mean? should i get my hopes up or nahhh?


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  • he got over you


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