Relationship/break up experts, help a clueless young lady please?

So yesterday, my ex acknowledged me for the first time in 6 months since we split.

Long story short, we argued, misunderstood each other, got really angry, and split up. And things gradually deteriorated due to our stubborn natures.

He works in our local superstore. So I see him now and then when I shop. Until recently, he'd we would blatantly ignore each other. Then he started trying to make eye contact with me when I've been in. Including sneaking glances at me.

Yesterday, he saw me, I ignored him as usual and he went out of his way to make it to the exit of the shop, where id pass when I left.

As I got to the door, he turned to me with a slight smile, waved (like he always did when we kissed goodbye) and said hi in a soft voice. I said hi I'm a startled way and kept walking. He looked kinda sad as I passed him.

Anyway, I don't want to hear that I should 'move on' or whatever else. This is the first show of emotion he's given me since April, and it's got me wondering about him again.

Whats your our opinions this?
If somebody could give me some kind of answer, that would be grand... :)
Any other girls want to answer this question? Because I don't think that the other girls opinion deserves the 'most helpful opinion'


Most Helpful Guy

  • you're betting by your heart in this relationship with your ex, which made you confused about his emotion toward you. give yourself a time to discover your needs, because ignoring him mean that you're still care.

    • Betting by my heart? What do you mean by that? I've had 6 months of time... and yeah, I do still care. But I can see what's in front of me, and I can see now, that he's finally acting different.

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    • Oh right, I'm with you now :) sorry! I misunderstood! You're right though, I guess I need to give it time and see if it's fake interest or if he's just being friendly... still hard to tell right now!

    • Thank you
      wish you the best

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  • lol you dont want to hear people saying , move on, so you want us to sugarcoat everything for you. people who are truly in love dont splitt up the moment they get into an argument. my recent ex girlfriend hurted my feelings more then once, and all that time i just took it as a man, till i had enough. i tried talking to her, in a calm and collective voice, none judgmental, and you know what she did, she got up, told me to fuck off. gave me this horrible tantrum , opened the front door, threw my stuff out , and shut the door. told her that my keys were still inside, and as i sat there with a tear rolling down, she gave them to me and shut the door. next day texting me it was over etc.. she had no reason to act like that, i did everything for her. there was no forgiveness and i got even more criticized by her than ever before. thats not love ! and you 2 split up simply because you are butthurt, sometimes someone has to give in and say sorry if its not really their fault. im not gonna sugarcoat it, this guy sees you and only then when he sees you, he seems interested. he could have contacted you within those 6 months, but well if you are both 2 butthurt cry babies, good luck with each other. a match made in heaven.

    • It's not about being 'butt hurt' so get off your high horse and stop assuming you know everything about our lives. Did you not read the part where o blocked him on social media devices? There is NO way he could contact me if wanted to. There's so much more to it than an argument. It's the final argument that pushed him to the verge and I KNEW I had went too far but STILL continued to give him grief that night. We'd been arguing for days before it too which didn't help. There was a break in our communication at that point, but never a break in how we felt about each other, that did not change. And even now for me, still hasn't changed. I never once asked for a sugar coated opinion? That's YOUR words again. I just want an HONEST opinion but I don't want to be told to move on, because, how do I get any information from that exactly? That's right, there's none to be had.

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    • well then move on, there was a reason you 2 were arguing like little kids, you 2 aren't compatible. in a healthy relationship there are always arguments, but if people just can't stop, well its because you piss each other off with your personality types. if you feel like approaching him go ahead,

    • Yeah reasons, that, again, you are unaware of. Sometimes people don't stop because they are quite simply, stubborn. And aye, maybe I will.

  • Act normal, be casual, and if he shows interest in you again and you seem to like him or whatever again, talk things through and give it a try, if things seem the same just dump his ass and call me.( jk)

    but keep it casual :) dont assume things until you get to have THE CONVERSATION, or he asks you out.

    • Ok I will do :) haha! I'll do that and if it doesn't happen to work out, I'll just fire you a call instead haha. You're right though, I can't be assuming with these things.

  • There's no harm in trying is there? I mean, you're already not speaking to each other, so what have you got to lose?

    • Well, that's what I think too. No harm in trying at all :) and there is nothing to lose at all!

    • You're already broke up, and you don't talk, so aside from becoming mortal enemies and/or attacking each other, how could it get worse? On the other hand, there's plenty of room for it to get better, especially if you both exercise a bit of humility and put the past aside. I say go for it. Hope it turns out well for you :-)

    • That's exactly it, I don't think it could have gotten much worse. This is true. If we can continue to do that things could turn out well for us. Thanks very much, hope everything goes well in your life too :)

  • It sounds to me like he is ready to reconcile and work out at least a friendship maybe more

    • For sure, yeah?

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    • It would be worth saying hello the next time your at the market

    • Yeah I have done :)

  • Why don't you hug it out?

    • Haha best opinion I've heard in like... forever! Good question, why don't we :P

What Girls Said 1

  • You don't want to us to say move on?
    So You want to only say you should try again with this guy and validate your desire to give it a second go?
    Why bother asking for an opinion?

    • Because maybe that's the rather OBVIOUS option? No, I don't. I want to know what his intentions are judging by the information I've provided.

    • Its the OBVIOUS option because its the right option.
      You want to know his intentions because you're not over him
      Get some actual options and move on.
      Its called a breakup... because its BROKEN

    • who are YOU to tell me what the right option is? You did anything but answer my question and I won't be taking your rather shite advice.

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