Answers needed!! what does it mean? what does she want? why? what do i do? help me no stupid comments?

This just happened last Tuesday (9-29-15) So I was up to help the teacher re create a scene and this one girl who was helping do it do stepped up to me and started talking to me but the whole time I couldn’t look here directly in the eyes. She looked at me but I could not look directly back. I kept looking at the people behind her or a friend. I've never talked to her before I don’t really know her. I could look at anything but her. I dont know why. i didn't do this intentionally i couldnt help it. I dont know why i did that. There was no game or anything. I dont get why i have to apologize for something i didn't mean to do or intend to do. (people tell me that) What does this mean? Help This I college. Yesterday we were on a field trip and my class mate who I was with whispered into my ear she’s looking at you. I turned my head and she was she was with a friend. My back had been to her so I didn’t notice until he had said that. I dont mean to be rude or anything. i SEE HER TONIGHT.


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  • I think it means she's interested in you. If you're interested in her, you should ask her out.


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