I'm in the "getting to know stage" with a girl, I found out something odd, am I being played?

So this girl that I've met, we've been talking for weeks now, she's a very shy person, she's very open when it comes to text and phone, but in person she's quiet (and according to her, nervous), she's open when talking to other people but it's completely different when she's around me, It's hard for me to read her. Now let me get to what's bothering me.. I found out that she identifies as pan-romantic. Of course that doesn't bother me, but I saw on her other social media sites that I discovered that she also uses the word "gay" in posts (I haven't talked to her about it), she's also had a history of short relationships with other guys (her reasoning for that was each relationship was "toxic", assuring that It's different now). Should I believe her? I'm really skeptical about this all because I'm afraid of getting hurt again. I'm wondering if I'm being toyed with or played by her, or if I should just politely back out of this situation.. What should I do?


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  • yeah seems like an experienced man-ipulator


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