Whats the best way to break up with slightly possessive, little crazy girl?

What to do with a clingy girl?
We were friends with benefits. Once she started getting too clingy I told her that I'm not looking for a relationship and we should stop seeing each other. She laughed and said that I'm just her friend. She likes my personality and wants to be just friends. I agreed.

Then I started getting bombarded with phone calls and messages...8-12 at a time. Too many complaints why am I ignoring her or too slow to reply. She is either possesed with her phone or with me. Thats too much for me to deal with. Im an easy going dude who checks his phone at most once a day.

I haven't texted her back for 2 weeks. The messages and missed calls are still coming.
She is clearly into me.

P. S. - I am a gentleman.


Most Helpful Girl

  • be a 'gentleman' about the situation and tell her you have to end things and thats your final decision. Let her know you guys arn't on the same page as you thought. and taking her back will make her even more obsessive over you. BRAKE IT UP!!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Tell her that if she continues this behavior, you will contact her parents for assistance. If she continues, talk to her parents.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Tell her you don't want to continue with this any longer.

    You can't be on your phone constantly because you just don't like doing that. Simple.

    Tell her that I guess.

    If you don't, she won't know. So you will continue to get messages.

  • Then block her phone number


What Guys Said 2

  • Just let her know she has completely over-whelmed you and it's just too much for you to handle at this stage of your life..

  • Why didn't you simply tell her that you're not interested anymore instead of just leaving her in the dark like that?


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