Any suggestions for viewing on Facebook?

My boyfriend and I recently broke up and I truly believe he was lying to me about things. I realize I should let it go, so don't even bother saying anything to me about that. I was wondering if there is a way I can view his Facebook page to see what's been going on but of course he unfriended me. Do you know a way I could try to see this info?

Several things bother me but the biggest one is that he supposedly went out of town with friends over my birthday weekend, and I have suspicions it was a lie.

Honestly if I could get confirmation of the suspected lies it would really help me get over him and move on. I am really hurting over here. There is nothing else I would do with this information.


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  • Believe whatever you need to believe to move on. The funny thing about most questions is that as soon as one is answered, you'll just have more. Whatever you find, you'll want more information. Might as well believe the worst, mourn, and move on.


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