Why come back if you're going to lie to me?

So. Long story short, I was with a guy for two years. We had a really rough patch towards the end, and he broke up with me basically because he wanted "to be single." Few days later he changed his relationship status online to "in a relationship with..." And being blindsided (even though looking back I missed the warning signs) we got in a huge fight and went two months without talking. So, last week I get an email from him saying "I really have to talk to you. Please call me." I ignored it. He kept writing for like a week. Two days ago, he showed up to my house. I let him in and we talked and he said "I'm not with her. I'm being single," and since I knew looking at their pages would hurt me I took it as face value and believed him. We ended up kissing and we said that we'd take things slow and work on things in time. So, just to make sure his words match his actions I checked his Facebook and THEY'RE STILL VERY MUCH TOGETHER. So I sent him a text saying can we talk? And he's ignoring me!!! I just want to know why? And what should I do? Should I call him, or just ignore him?


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  • Young lady, I am really this is happening to you now. Lying is a very bad habit, and he has done that to you more than once I believe and now he is even ignoring you, why will a woman believe a guy who lies to her? I don't think you should waste your time anymore with this guy, he doesn't seem to be worth it. If he again tries to contact you just ignore him, don't pay any attention to him.

    However if you want to what you can do is just write or text a final message to him stating you don't wish to see him anymore, like a break up text and make sure it's one sided, don't expect a reply from him. I mean that's what I can suggest.


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  • I would ignore him. He obviously is playing games and it's not worth it. You don't need that kind of person in your life. Let him go.


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  • the more you forgive him the less he respect you. you gave him hundreds of options to break your heart as he did before. sometime take things slow is just a sedative to get disappointment later. use your plan B or C D F to take the next fly to yourself. and don't worry you'll find a good person who'll treat you like a diamonds.

    Good luck,,,,,,,,,


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