Could I find out I was pregnant this weekend?

I had u protected sex with a guy on 3rd October.. My last period was 18th September. .. Would I be able to test this Sunday or is it to soon?


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  • That itch is hard to scratch, isn't it? Makes fools of the best of us. Yeah, wait a while. "Surprise" pregnancies are a lot worse than ones you can plan out. But yeah, seek out some help. You goofed. I've been there. And it will affect you. Even if you're not pregnant, you can't just erase something like that.


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  • Too soon. Wait till your period is due. If you don't get it after a week then take the test. Try the early detection tests

    • It says my period is due this week?

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  • Wait 2 weeks after unprotected sex and take a urine test. Whatever it says, repeat it a week later, for confirmation.

    All 'symptoms' of a starting pregnancy can also be caused by fear or by stressing about it. Only tests can be trusted. Urine tests are quite good to confirm a pregnancy, less good to prove a negative. That's why one should wait longer than the ads promise and take a confirmation test.
    Blood tests by a doctor after 1 week are 100%.


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