Is it wrong for me to be mad at my best friend if my best friend goes for my ex?

Im heartbroken my boyfriend broke up with me and now my best friend is going for him but he is going along with it idfk how but they "accedently" held hands and stuff so im sitting at home heartbroken not knowing if i should be mad or not 😢😢😢 please help 💔💔💔


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  • Generally, you don't date the friend of your ex, that's kind of a bro and girl code thing, so, yeah, you could be mad buttttt is it really worth it? I mean, there are much bigger things to be mad about than who is going out with who


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  • No, It's not wrong for you to feel that way at all.
    Your best friend (especially) should consider your feelings about this.
    She should have cared enough to come to you face to face and tell you how she feels instead of "accidentally" doing these things behind your back.
    Your friend doesn't sound much like one.
    She sounds selfish and only considerate of her own feelings.
    If someone is my best friend I see them as a sister.
    I would put their feelings has a priority.
    I would tell them how I feel about their ex. and see how they felt about things. That would tell me whether I should move forward with their ex. or not.
    If they felt strongly against it... well there will be many guys in my life (I find attractive or take interest in).
    I wouldn't allow that to break up such a great friendship.
    Boys are like buses, they come and go.


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  • If the relationship is broken beyond repair then no you shouldn't be upset at your friend


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  • Wow how can you even call her your "best friend". I know boys have guy codes but so do girls. One of the codes is to never date your best friend's ex. More like "sisters before misters." She basically chose him over you and yes you have the right to get angry.

  • You should be pissed as fuck! A girlfriend doesn't go after her besties ex... it's unacceptable and she deserves to be bitch-slapped


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