Should I use the no contact rule with my ex in this situation?

A few days ago, my ex and I broke up because he didn't want to risk my future if we ever got in trouble with the cops.
We got into a car accident a few days before and the cops almost arrested him because the other lady wanted to get us in trouble by telling the cops he had weed when she was at fault in the car accident.
We also had a pregnancy scare. He's eighteen and I'm sixteen.
He broke up with me in person, and we've only been together for a few months.
He said he didn't want to risk my future, and that he still loves me and cares for me and that he will always be here for me. He also kissed me multiple times and a kiss good bye.
I'm so hurt that I can't call him mine anymore, and I do love him. He said he still loves me and that one day, he'll actually give me the time and attention that I deserve (we only went out about once a week before).
We talked a day after we broke up just to check up on each other. He said that he misses me and he'll call me again today. I used to be the one to always reach out to him and call him first, but I don't want to be the first at all anymore.
By the way, the no contact rule is when you avoid all contact with your ex, meaning no texting, social media stalking, calling, etc. for about a month or so.
Should I still talk to him, he's like my best friend. He said he wouldn't talk to any other girls for a long time, and he's never cheated on me or given made me suspect that he is cheating.
I know he still loves me, or at least I hope so, so does this rule really apply?


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  • There is a part of this story that we are not hearing, perhaps because you are unaware of it, but there's more to the reason for why he broke up with you.


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  • You shouldn't ignore him. Thats the last thing you do. I hope you guys work it out


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