How can you get ex boyfriend back. He also said he still have feelings for me help?


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  • I believe there are ways to do so. However why do you want too? have you been single since you broke up with your ex? or are you in a relationship currently? if so then you need to first have a meeting with your ex and if he wants to get back then you have break up with your current boyfriend ( if you are in a relationship).

    Hence you need to think and plan about all this.

    • Yeah I know. There's a lot reasons why I gonna want to. No u havnt Been single since we broke up dated some. I'm not in reationship anymore. We been hanging out. And yeah.

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  • It depends on why you broke up. Why and how did it happen?

    Still getting back with an ex is a mistake :/ if you broke up once, chances are you will again. After all, there's a reason why you broke up. I got back with my less not so long ago but ended up breaking up again.

    • He wanted to be single and I can't remember. And I get your point but he's been in my life a year and still going we still talk and hang.

    • Sounds like me and my ex. We broke up but kept hanging and stuff and I really wanted to get back together, which we did for a while but ended up breaking again... if you broke up once, chances are you will again.

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  • Don't hold your breath waiting for a man who could not make the relationship work the first time. You might end up getting your feelings hurt trying to get back with your ex who is probably talking to someone else

    • Yeah I get what you mean. Just confusing mostly.

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