Why THE HELL now?

We're seperated since last Dec. 1, in May he told me (in person) he blocked me from all communication, tonight he messages me saying he's changing from our mutual car insurance so he can "find a better rate... you should too."

Why message now?

Why explain?

Why not let me find out on my own? I thought you f**** blocked me so there's nothing between us.

Why message me for that and provide an explanation and suggest I try saving money too?


Thanks for the help everyone! Anymore help from others would be greatly appreciated.
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  • He's probably trying to test how broken the bridge really is with the most non-romantic innocent communication he can think of.

    Don't overthink it. It doesn't mean he's trying to get back with you. It just means he has progressed from the super-angry-shutoff phase of post-breakup and is trying to move to a place where you can each exist on the same planet without being afraid of things being unbearably horribly awkward if ever you crossed paths in the future.

    • We'll never cross paths, we have nothing together, live almost 3 hours away from each other and I did not remotely take it as him wanting to get back together.

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    • Thanks for MHO

    • No problem, thanks for your thoughts.

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  • He wanted you to know so you can save money that's it don't read more into it

    • I'm just wondering what the hell does he care. There's no reason at all for us to ever communicate in any way, we have nothing, literally nothing. He could have just gotten off the insurance without a word to me. I'd still get the bill and I'd still pay. I don't even get a bill, it's automatic payment. Less reason to tell me.

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    • Maybe, but he wasn't nice the last time we spoke so it's confusing. Oh well. Thanks for your thoughts on it though. I do appreciate it.

    • All I can say is ignore him then because I've never been in that position myself

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  • I think it's more of a test, he is just trying to see your reaction after what he did to you.


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