Stay with new guy or go back to ex love?

Okay so, I've been in many short relationships but my first love is the only one I've never been able to forget since the 7th grade we only dated a little bit in the 8th grade and then i moved away. When i moved back after high school we still had that spark. He's not what i normally go for, I'm the only girl he's ever showed interest in as he doesn't really talk to girls and never dated anyone else. Life got in the way and we stopped seeing each other, had some drama because our friends are the same people so no matter what i was always around him as we drifted apart. I moved across the country about 2 months ago to start fresh and left him a letter before i left, now he regrets losing me. I started hanging out with this great guy here, i can basically talk to him about anything.. We we're dating but i talked about how i didn't know if i was going to stay here or go back home so he kind of made up his mind that we shouldn't get serious because our lives are too messy and may go separate ways. I never been able to talk to anybody the way i talk to him he's becoming close to me as we still kind of hang out and date kinda. Everything about him is something i always pictured myself with.. But now i have to decide to go back home and retry with my ex love who says he wants to finally build a future with me or do i stay here with something so uncertain (i don't know if he actually would want to be with me) but something so refreshing and easy that could have some potiental. I'm also not sure if I'm just blinded of how perfect he seems cause thats happened before and it just never works out for me in the end... help?


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  • Since the new guy makes you feel the way you do, then you should give him a chance. Done miss out on a opportunity to have great relationship. Yeah your ex may miss you and regrets losing you, but he already got his turn, so why not try things out with the new one. You moved across the country for a fresh start so why go back. Talk to the new guy about how he feels and see if he would want to pursue things with you. Who knows, maybe this guys will be the one you build a future with. Dont make decisions based on guys, if you truly want to move back for yourself then do it, but dont do it for anyone else.


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