Is it healthy to keep my ex on snapchat?

I only have him on snapchat. We broke up with him getting angry and saying don't ever talk to me! So I never did.
But he's been viewing all my snaps ever since and he has hundreds of people there... so it may be to the extent that he literally looks for my name through the list. Initially I wasn't watching any of his' in hopes to grow indifferent to him. But I'm not sure if it's working? Maybe it is but I'm in a real state of confusion. I miss him terribly!
He's the player kind and we broke up because I asked him to commit to me because it's been 2 years. He took a few days to think and then he said he couldn't do this to me anymore because he sees no future! I think somebody talked him out of it because initially he was willing to and was happy though he sounded confused: Could be his friends - also players!
I'm devastated because I know he genuinely likes me.
But all he does is keep an eye on me. I'm not sure what's healthy for me. I don't know what he feels. Maybe he doesn't care but then why does he check my snapstories? Is it really over?


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  • kick him out.

    He's an ex. what right do he have to creep on you?


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