What are some signs he still loves you?

We broke up a month ago after a year of dating. We were both the first to each other in love. Like I was his first kiss - we were each others first time, first love, first sleepover with the opposite sex. That kind of stuff. I see him looking at me and he's wearing everything I bought him. What are some signs he still loves me? Also he's the one that broke up with me because I was "annoying" him when I kept asking him what was wrong because he has bipolar and depression.


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  • It doesn't matter whether he still loves you. What if he does? You broke up because it didn't work. If you get back together, you will rediscover the same truth all over again, and then you will break up again. And, no, you are not so different from everyone else that you can make it work when no one else could.

    However, you probably need to learn this for yourself. If you do try to reunite, pause and try to learn your lessons when it is over.

    • Your username describes you well.

    • @Xelebrum Thanks for the compliment!

      I know that my username sounds conceited to some, but when I chose it, I was thinking about the fact that I am older and wiser than I was many years ago, not that I am older and wiser than others on this site.

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  • Signs that he still loves you would be that you're still together. When you love someone, even their most annoying habits will often become endearing, or at the very least bearable.

    Even if he loved you, circumstances of you two being together are not the most practical. His bipolarity and depression make it harder for him, and no doubt him having not much patience for who you are and doing things like calling you 'annoying' would lead to an inevitable downward cycle in your own life as well.

    • He really didn't have much patience honestly, and because of his bipolarity he would have random anger outburst and punch holes into his wall. Guess that was the downward cycle and the upward cycle is letting go. Thank you for the advice!

    • Exactly. I'm sure it's not easy, regardless, but just know it's for the best most likely in the long-run.
      Best of luck. :)

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  • If he seems to still care about you?

    • yes it does. He was asking people if I was okay and he tells people to watch out for me and protect me when I go to parties. Yet at the same time the one time we talked in person he screamed in my face for saying I didn't do what he was accusing me of doing.

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  • If he broke up with you because he's "annoyed" and dislikes you asking him what is wrong then it's a sign that he's not ready to be in a serious relationship yet and still needs some growing up to do. As much as this sucks to hear he can't love you that much if he was willing to leave you. I suggest you take a step back and ask yourself how you'd act if you were in love with someone and if it doesn't add up then you're wasting your time on this boy.

    • thank you soo much!! You've truly helped me and yeah I think he should too. Thank you again for the great advice.

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    • thank you, I hope I do too. Plus I'm starting to like someone else. Took a month of waiting but I'm pretty ready to have someone who will actually respect me and love me.

    • I just see i made a error. Should have been "start healing" not "dealing" lol!!!

      It's great if you are starting to fall for someone new <3

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