Can you be friends with an ex girlfriend who ended it if you still have feelings for her.. having doubts myself due to wanting more?


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  • Word of advice.. it's never wise to remain friends with someone you still have feelings for. If you have "doubts" then it still means you're not over her because the best test of knowing if you are over someone is when you are completely indifferent towards the person. It doesn't sound like you are there yet in my opinion.

    • What do you mean by indifferent to them, like I'm not interested in them anymore as I'm over them?

    • Indifference refers to you literally not caring about the person anymore and not thinking of them. The idea of them doesn't have any effect on you meaning you don't want them, miss them or think of getting back together.

Most Helpful Guy

  • You will want more and you have enough experience to know that reconciliations don't work. Trying to be her friend is just self-imposed punishment. Cut the ties and move on!

    • Big problem is we work in same building and see each other about 4 or 5 times a day also can hear her talking n laughing etc so it's very hard to forget about her, now I see why relationships and work are a bad idea when it ends

    • Absolutely that is why they are a bad idea. If you attend church, the same rule applies there.

      Just do the best you can to ignore her and move on.

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  • I would not. That's just unecessary. You already have friends. No need any more drama


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  • I was in the same situation than you dude, it is up to you. In my case she wanted to be friends but I didn't want that, so I thought screw her...

    Whatever you feel like

    • Was hoping staying friends mite help get back together in future as it's has previously in our relationship, we stayed friends and ended up going out for meals n got back together but this time her ending feels more permanent and thought out,. if I back off she seems interested a little, n then when I show interest she totaly backs off again. Time to give up I reckon

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