Does the no contact rule actually work?

I was dating a guy for going on 2 months we didn't official break up due to we haven't spoken to each other in 5 days, I have not texted or called him neither has he. I called him out on what I am assuming him accidentally texting me messages meant for another women. He didn't respond to my message which was 5 days ago, I am missing him though, we talked everyday all day before this happened we would spend hours on the phone talking as well how can a guy just not try and make up after he knows he screwed up? Does he not care about me or our relationship? I am trying not to contact him but I miss being able to talk to him. Could you forgive someone for this? After the no contact for 30 days is up if he doesn't reach out to me do I just give up?


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  • I don't know what "the no contact rule" means to you. If I break up with someone because it didn't work, whether I was the dumper or the dumpee, we say our goodbyes and then we don't have any more contact, ever. That's what breaking up is all about. If you say that you have broken up but you expect to get back together, you are just playing a silly game with yourself and the other person. Of course you miss them and you still are about them. . . but it didn't work and, if you try it again, you'll get the same result. Getting back together just drags things out and prolongs the inevitable.

    So. . . after 30 days, if he hasn't tried to contact you, you don't give up. You give up now! Thirty days from now, you can be dating someone else, someone who may treat you better and with whom you may have more fun.


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  • I would say 30 days would be a pretty good indication of what his intentions are. Yeah, if he doesn't contact you back that isn't a good sign. He is probably trying to play the field right now, which I KNOW is what you don't want to hear.


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