Why is he so jealous?

So me and my boy live in different states at the moment. I live in a tiny little town where everyone knows everyone. I have a few ex boyfriends that still come over. One I'm not surprised he's jealous and that's because this guy left me. He was the first guy who ever dumped me. And at one point me and this guy planned to get married. The other thing is.. My guy has left me twice over stupid drama. Now he is saying he's going to leave me if I don't stop hanging out with my guy friends... I'm not cheating on him and I like having my guy friends around. It's fun to chill and talk about chicks... I'm not really sure how to handle the situation.. Any suggestions?


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  • He is being like this because he doesn't trust you with hanging out with them. And he defiantly doesn't trust the guys your hanging out with and it is even worse that he lives far away because he know he can't do anything about it so it makes him mad. Since he is acting like this it hard to make him understand anything but what you can do is just talk to him and tell him you wouldn't cheat on him and that your just friends with these other guys and that's all you would ever want from them ever but that's about all you can do if you still want to keep hanging out with your guy friends.


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