Why did he do this to me?

So my ex told me last month that he only needed a friend so I told him that I'd be there for him and then told him to take care. It seemed like a goodbye then 2 days later he texts me multiple times asking if I'm mad and calling me babe he even called 16 times. So after that he starts texting me everyday and he even said he missed me and was planning to come see me then yesterday he tells me he is so done and that he has so many things to do and nothing else then hung up on me.

So I texted him that I'm tired of being led on and he said k I'm done. So this morning I texted him sorry and if he truly wanted me out of his life that I would understand and he replied "hmmm I'm just tired of it" then I tell him that I understand and he says "how so" and I say " that you're tired of the whole situation of me and I don't blame you" he says who cares.

I told he thanks for telling me the truth so I can move on and he said " is that what u really want" I told him no cause I love him but he never texted me back.

why would he change his mind so fast, he was texting me all week and up until yesterday night is when he told me this.


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  • dear
    what I see now is being in no relationship is better than being in a wrong one. don’t worry too much about folks who don’t worry about you. I think he's trying to manipulate you and the way you thinking, by disrespect your value. but unfortunately you keep giving him an options to bring you down.

    start making the changes that you need, and give yourself space to think more about loving yourself first, then other later and cut off the negative people out of your life.

    • Thanks for taking the time to answer my question I just feel so sad that he has done this to me again. It just hurts because I thought he cared about me.

    • sorry but his actions show that he's trying to prevent you from living your life and being (YOU). that's way I suggest you must organize your priorities in life, and decide who will be inside and outside. I understand it's hurt but give yourself a fair chance to explore new thoughts and opportunities.
      don't let him use you as a backup plan, coz In the depths of your heart you know that's you're a good person and deserves to live happily.

      (what you see in the mirror is often what you see in life-start fresh to see a wonderful reflection )

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  • Maybe he is tempted by what the single life has to offer but was making sure he still had you around in case it doesn't work out. Maybe giving it some time and not contacting him would be good, and getting out there too might be good for you!


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  • Because he's indecisive, he doesn't want you, but doesn't want you with anyone else.


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