Last Thursday, I told my ex to have a nice life because I can't swallow my jealousy over his new relationship - now I regret it and miss him?

We were best friends before and after dating, but I just couldn't get over my jealousy.

did I do the right thing cutting him out? Can I take it back, now that I've said "have a nice life"? How do I take it back?



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  • You have Openly here, dear, used the Words "EX" and "New relationship" all in one phrase... You have just said a mouthful.
    Yes, you did "The right thing cutting him out" and now it is time for you to Move On.. Out.
    He is an Ex, perhaps, yes, a bud as well, and now that you know he is with another, don't stick around and get your heart broken even more. Even if he were to leave her tomorrow, there will always be sorrow, because he cares about you a friend but not enough to take you back in the End, which is why you will always follow your own heart in a full circle pattern Of... My jealousy.
    Sure, you 'Miss him' but it's Better to learn to do without the pain which is never going to be a gain.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If you felt jealous, you wanted to be more than just friends. If that isn't going to happen, you must sever all ties and move forward.


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  • It's always a good idea to cut all ties with an ex and have no contact at all. It gives one closure and makes moving on a lot easier. I think you did the right thing.


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