What should I do/who should I pick?

I've been going out with a lovely guy for a good few months but recently an ex has got back in contact with me - moved onto my street.

I know that my family/friends didn't approve of my ex, he's 7 years older and has a lot less time for me (work). He says he wants me back but I don't know if it'd last.

It sounds daft but my boyfriend and I just haven't got that 'spark' anymore and I can't get my ex off my mind. What should I do? Should I not be with anyone if I can't make up my mind?


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What Guys Said 1

  • That would be pretty messed up if you hooked up with your ex knowing that you said it yourself that this guy is a lovely guy. It's like trading him back for your old ex, I mean it is your choice but damn...its not like he's a piece of garbage or something. Take what you have with you and try your best to work it out, don't let the past fool you, this is your present, but anyway it's up to you good luck ms.


What Girls Said 1

  • It could be that none of these guys are the right one for you. With your current bf, it seems like you're losing interest fast and your ex is someone that no one except you likes and he doesn't have time for you which is important in relationships. Your family and friends want you to be happy so there must be a really good reason why they don't approve of this guy

    You could try to plan a special romantic date with your current boyfriend and see if you could find that spark again.

    Follow your heart, only you can know what decision is right for you


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