Help!!! Just because I can't keep my a tuff at his place does that mean that he doesn't want a relationship with me again?

He's my ex by the way?
We still hang out and act all lovy dovy towards each other though


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  • Your stuff? Well, maybe. I mean, if he's your ex, why would you guys keep your stuff at each others place? For him, getting your stuff out of the way may be part of moving on, especially if seeing it is a painful reminder. Also, your stuff being there may cause strife with a new love interest.

    • No I mean we're still hanging out though

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    • Huh?

    • If you want more information on this gi comment on my question:guy's help can you define this for me or give me a reasoning for it.

      Please and thank you

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  • If it were me, it would either mean 1. He doesn't want to give you a reason to come back over or 2. He doesn't want other people (especially other ladies) seeing your stuff at his place.

    • We still hang out though and he's not seeing anyone else

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    • That makes no sense what kind of relationship is that

    • A relationship in which a guy and a girl have sex where a guy maintains sufficient distance away from the girl (or vice-versa, but not in this case) as to not be labeled a boyfriend.

  • He's your ex. Why should he want you again? It didn't work the first time.

    • Because I believe it can work and he does stil have feelings for me

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    • Usually, when people break up, they are not aware of the real reasons. There are problems on the surface - things like minor arguments - that are happening because of deeper problems. If you focus on the minor argument, maybe you get that issue resolved, but that doesn't solve the underlying problem. So they get together and the underlying problem causes some other problem. And you break up again.

    • Whatever were doing good so far

  • Yes, that means that he doesn't want anything to do with you, he wants to remove everything from his life that's connected to you.

    • He doesn't he still has everything I gave him.

      We still actually hang out and are all lovy dovy towards each other with cuddling and everything in between

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