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Was with this guy for almost a year and haven't heard anything from him in the past three weeks. I texted him and called him a few times to see if he wanted to hang out during the week. I texted him the first time and no response. Waited a two days since I figured he probably got busy with work, so I texted again with the days I'm available, still no response. Waited another two days, then I tried calling him on the day I had off and he still didn't answer. The relationship we had was very comfortable, seemed like we were both on the same page. I asked his best friend and a couple of his close friends if they have heard from him and they really haven't. I also talked to his best friend about what was going on and he had no idea about anything that was going on with him. He also thought it was weird of him to do that since that isn't like him. I just don't get why he would just disappear with out saying anything to me let alone his best friend and friends. What do you think is happening? Is this his way of just ending things? Should I be worried about him?


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  • I'd be worried, either way. This could be his way of ending things, yes. Or it could be his way of putting things on pause while he sorts something out. Something could have happened to him. You're right to be concerned. Hope everything turns out ok :-)

    • Just gotta be patient and wait I guess. I don't want to be over bearing him with texting and calling but I feel like I deserve a explanation. He has never done this before. Do you think he could be figuring out if he wants to stay with me or maybe something is going on in his personal life?
      His best friend also said he's gonna try to get ahold of him and talk to him, then tell me if he's okay at least. I don't know I am worried about him and worried about what's going on. Even if this was his way of breaking things off with me then why didn't he just have a conversation with me about how he feels? Kinda lost :/

    • Well, the first thing is making sure he's ok. Then, if you find out he is ok, you DEFINITELY deserve an explanation. If it ends up that this was his way of breaking up or putting you on ice while he does other things, then you're better off without him. Breaking up with someone that way is something only a coward would do. Anyone who cared for you, even a little, would at least give you a heads up. I'm sure you're feeling shitty about this. Hope it ends up ok for you.

    • Thank you for your advise, I appreciate it.

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