Girls, Wife wants divorce. But still talks to me, sleeps in same bed, and takes showers with me. What does she want?

After 2 weeks wife says she still wants a divorce. But she has thought about working things out a couple of times. Is there hope? We still live together and are getting along great. I am confused.


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  • She wants sex

    Are you guys still lovy dovy and passionate towards each other?

    • I have tried to have sex but she says no. Other than that everything is the same.

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    • She said she wants independence. We started to young and she is still holding in to Everytime she has ever been mad at me. But we still talk and aren't arguing. I asked her yesterday if she is willing to work things out and she says she doesn't want to talk about it now. We will talk later. When later comes we still don't talk about it. We still go do everything together just us and kids? I am confused

    • We'll I don't know then she wants her independence

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