Ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend, help?

My ex broke up with me earlier in the year, without a valid reason. He does say the death of his dad made him lose his mind.

In the space of the last 10 months he's come running back 4x, once we ended up back together but he later ignored, the most recent was 2 weeks ago when he messaged telling me he missed me and we met up. He advised me he's still very messed up in the head, still got no mind, still can't handle a relationship but messaged me after telling me how much he appreciated that I cared.

I've since realised he now has a new girlfriend, two weeks after we met! Very sudden, very quick... It's been long enough for it not to be a rebound, but I can't help but feel slightly messed up myself because of this!

Why tell me you can't handle a relationship when clearly you can? I'd understand it if I had more of a reason why we broke up.

i need to get my mind off it, stop finding stuff out about him, help! How do you cope? I'd do anything to get back with him, but right now it looks like it's highly unlikely. I can't shake him off though!


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  • And you should care, why?

    He's your EX!


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  • ... He advised me he's still very messed up in the head...
    He sure said a mouthful here, dear, and ow with the Quick as a whip Newbie at his side who is now riding his hide, I suspect tha the has known her a bit before, and Now... He has a new girlfriend, two weeks after we met.
    Forget him, move on and lick all war wounds now. He is always going to put you through a Full circle problem pattern of wanting you today and tomorrow giving you away, and at the same time, he will never be able to make up his mind.
    This will only drive you more crazy because all he wants is to keep you in his back preposterous pocket and when someone else may come around, he drops you, knowing you will always be there for him, should She... Drop him.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Hi dear i read your comment and i know how you feel now because i have passed through this same way with my boyfriend and i was so depressed but am happy now we are back together today there are some advice i would have to give you to take and it will surely work out for you i want you to email me on my private email so we can talk better and tell you what to do. this is my email address mccartkatty@gmail. com i will be waiting for your mail ok

  • Don't take it personally.. It is not about you. He admitted he is messed up. We'll see how long that lasts


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