Can someone's feelings change in a day?

My now ex broke up with me last night because we had a fight. He told me how the day of the fight he liked me a lot and after the fight he doesn't feel it anymore. I don't understand how someone's feelings change in just 1 day. He wanted to remain friends and even when I asked him if he was sure about the break up he hesitated for a long time. Could he just THINK his feelings r gone for me? I don't understand how someone can go from night and day with their feelings. I can understand if you were thinking about it for awhile then pulled the plug but this doesn't make sense. Like honestly we adored each other then got into that fight and he's like "we jjs started dating and already had a fight so I don't think it's gonna work." He even told me before I left how he'd still one day like to see me again but I just left. I don't prolong wounds and try to heal asap. I just don't understand. Will he regret this sudden move?


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  • I'm not sure what is going through his head. But if I put myself in that position I would think that maybe he was hurt by something and took it very personal which is (my) one way to change my feelings about someone. But I'm not sure if it was as drastic of a change since he is still asking to be friends.

    • Thank u. I'm going to let him be. I guess if he misses me he'll reach out but I'm moving on in a sense. I told him that I cared about him and wanted to be with him so friends wasn't an option and he just stayed quiet. I told him I was willing to work on things but it takes 2. Just so he would know I cared about "us" but wasn't gonna settle for friendship. I just don't see how he went from black to white like that... how he can just move on with his feelings in one day. Why was he hesitant? I'd been like "yes I'm sorry" and not have an expression of thinking about it for damn near minute. I have prude so walked may buy least I know I tried by going to his house and talking to him (I didn't call I just went by after work). It's almost like he doesn't know that space can help clear things up... but now it's broken. .. cuz he did it.

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    • Ok. Thank u!! I feel much better :)

    • You are quite welcome. I am glad you feel better. Post a reply or message me if you want to talk some more.

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  • No one's feelings change in a day. He probably was thinking about it for a while and just looking for an excuse to bring it up. He started to fall out of love with you for a while now.


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  • I think that he said that because he was very angry. If feelings are real, they don't disappear all of a sudden and also I think he wouldn't have hesitated when you asked him. He's angry and I think he's being a little stubborn too.

    • Thanks. He seemed like OK talking to me yesterday and wasn't really angry but he said after the argument he jus kept telling himself "I'm done I'm done!" And that was it. I told him I couldn't do friends then jjs walked away. He emphasized how he still cares and didn't NOT not wanna see me again. I don't know he seemed lost and for him to make a quick decision is jus doesn't add up and him hesitating too when I asked him. He hesitated for almost a minute then was like "yea"

    • It really seems he's fighting against himself then. His feelings certainly didn't disappear, but he's trying to make it happen in my opinion.

  • They can trust me


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