Whats your opinion on my ex boyfriends behavior?

To cut it short, we were together for 3 and a half years in a LDR. He broke up with me 8 months ago because, as he said, he doesn't want a commitment because he is too selfish. He was A LITTLE bit selfish yes but I didn't mind it that much and had no idea he wasn't happy. Anyways, he wanted so badly for us to remain friends, even though I wasn't sure. But since I have a history of staying friends with exes, I decided to give it a try after some months of no contact. Well I came to realize that he sucks as friend. We were never friends before and now I realize we he doesn't even have any friends exept one buddy. He was an amazing boyfriend but geez he is so bad to me right now. For example, since we are friends, we hang out sometimes. There are stuff that the two of us did (like playing online games, watching animes and stuff like that) and from time to time we ask each other to do that. The thing is that whenever I ask him to do something, he wil almost always reject. He won't even make an excuse he will flat out say that he doesn't want to. Then he goes and does it alone. Then after few days he asks me to do something and I usually do because I'm almost always in the mood. Then when I ask he rejects. Then if I reject the next time he either gets mad or really doesn't care. It's always on his terms. I am aware that he is too selfish and enjoys being alone (he hasn't been with anyone since we broke up) and he is acting the same way towards everybody else. I didn't sign for this, it doesn't look like a friendship to me. I am over him romanticaly and he claims to be over me too, and for the sake of what we had I would still like to have him in my life. He didn't do anything bad to me, exept dumping me and now acting like this. He never said a bad word about me and he never ignored me or lied to me. It's just this crappy personality that he has. How do I turn this around? I feel like I have to teach him a lesson lol. But yeah that would be playing a mind game and I don't want that. Should I just ignore him or reject everything when he asks to hang out next time? I already talked to him about this and he said it's the way he is.


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  • It'll never change. If you can't handle it then stop communicating


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