What about a revenge?

Hi Gag... i would ask your opinion... if in a relationship at last the girl got realized that guy only used her just by passing time... what about a revenge from girl to guy? it would be correct? Does he deserve it?


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  • If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to know if its "correct" or "deserving" if your last relationship was with a guy your realized was only with you to "pass the time"?

    If you and he both agreed to a relationship and it didn't go anywhere, then there really isn't anyone at fault. Nor should you go out of your way to inflict harm on someone for whom you willingly gave time and effort for.

    So the answer is "no" to all of these questions.

    • Ok... for the last 1 year and half.. he told me he was loving me... at last he simply got another girl and he easily say ""you are my bwb!! She is my GF!!

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    • Basically the same thing. Yeah the guy's a scumbag, but that's his choice to be one. The best thing you can do is just let it go and find someone new.

    • Tnx ill do that... tnx for your opinion

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  • I think I'm being used myself but, even I know that revenge is not the answer. If you do, do revenge, then, do it by living life to the fullest, everything you do in life, comes back to you


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  • No, it's never 'correct' or the right thing to do. It won't give you any feeling of redemption, which is ultimately what you're seeking. All seeking revenge will do will make you look like an idiot, and leave him looking as the 'better man', regardless of whatever may have happened that led to your breakup.

    (The ultimate revenge is showing him that you don't need him. That you're fine, if not better off without him.)

  • "Remember, he who seeks revenge should dig two graves."
    I say no because you should let karma kick his ass. A guy used me to just be able to run away from home and then cheated on me by doing EVERYTHING possible with this pretty, petite blonde girl. I didn't get revenge on him. Three months later? Arrested for underage drinking and got an STD from the girl. ^x^


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