Deeply missing my ex, I just want him to hold me?

Its been about 3 weeks since the break up, I cut all ties to him, but I have spoken/messaged him about my stuff. He called me a couple days after promising to change and all this other stuff (pretty much BS). Then we were messaging again and he told me how much I hurt him by breaking up. I broke up w/him because he gave off vibes that he no longer cared about me, he told me he loves me, but I didn't see action to back up the words. He wanted to marry me, but didn't make any effort to save up $ or even plan out his future so we could be together and not struggle through life. When I told him this he was concerned then went back exactly to the way he was, putting no effort in, not going out of his way for me, he is a lazy person in general (no interests at all and no ambition, he was kind of boring). He also started going out w/out me, which in the beginning he never really did, I decided one day to go out w/out him to a place where we used to go and he didn't like it because I did it last minute. When I approached him again about my concerns he flipped out and told me I should find someone else w/qualities a, b, c etc. My family treated him very well, he never thanked them for that and they saw that he was taking me for granted (I felt like he was w/out anyone telling me anything) and that he didn't value me. I just want him so bad, but I know he will just take me for granted and use me. He would tell me he never dated a girl like me, so genuine and loving, but made no effort not to lose me. I working (currently seeking a better job), I have started to work out, I spend time w/family going out and I go out w/friends. I have interests and I'm still passionate about them.


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  • That's so sad. I'm sorry :(


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