Should I read into this?

I realize you should never read into anything an ex says.. but for the first time in two weeks my ex and I talked today.. she said ""I feel as if taking a break from talking really prepared me for being able to start over a friendship with you because now that I know how life would be if we didn't talk, I'm about to start over. I also hope it gave you time to think as well" she also said she wants to take any friendship slow and may be distant at times... I don't get it.. does she really only want a friendship? or does she subliminally want more? I mean we were friends BEFORE getting together.. so I don't know why she would need to take the friendship slow... she's a really good person and I want to keep her in my life.. and she usually doesn't keep ex's in her life so this is new to her... I'm not sure if she doesn't want anything.. if she wants a good friendship or if she wants to get back together but wants to take it slow... everything with ex's is so confusing


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  • Going back to a friendship straight away is hard because you're both trying to push those feelings away after a break up so I think she's actually being quite mature about the reality of being friends again. As someone who has tried to remain friends with an ex straight after a break up, it very rarely ends well because you both need to spend time apart to overcome the relationship. At least she's being upfront with you and not leaving you second guessing, I wouldn't appreciate the content of what she's saying but I would respect her.

    • We've been broken up for a month already.. I'm guessing some days we will talk, and then other days we probably won't talk for awhile... We'll probably go a few weeks/months before actually being friends

    • Pretty much. Its just like the cautious approach.

  • She is confuse, maybe she wants both.


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