Me and my ex broke up two Sunday's ago but we hang as friends?

Me and my ex broke up two Sunday's ago but we hang as friends... So last Monday we hung out and We hooked up and that night she texted me saying no more friends we need to get over each other... I said ok and we didn't text but two nights later she texted me and we talked and we were friends... THAN she texted me the next morning say I'm sorry we don't have to be friends at all anymore so I said no I've been going up and down like a yoyo we are gunna be friends and see how it goes... So NOW tonight we went to our high schools football game and we didn't hold hands touch each other or anything so after the game I drove her home and we chill in her house for a little until her said Madison picked her up... As she left I got into my car and broke down I drove away and I was crying and screaming... she didn't hear cause she was gone but I don't know how to deal with this please help... I don't know if I should cut her off or if I should stay friends with her... I have very strong feelings for her and she said she still had feelings for me... I'm to confused my emotions are a wreck and I'm broken... Please help me


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  • You shouldn't hang out at all


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