Where do I go from here?

me and my ex hung out as friends tonight... I got into my car to leave and I broke down crying, scream, and hitting my head with my hand... She told me that we can only be friends... I still love her and she still has feelings for me she said... What do I do please help I'm emotionally a wreck...


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  • You can't change this.
    it's painful I know.
    But I would advise you to not hang out with her anymore.

    you can't break up with someone.
    And resume as normal afterwards

    It just doesn't happen.
    You need time and space away from her.


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  • Best thing to do in this case is step back and see it from the outside. For sure you can't push her of it will make things worse. Try to be her best friend and let her see a new side of you that she isn't used to seeing. If she likes the new you then you have a chance to start new.

    • So hang out with her and cry every time I leave?

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    • I disagree with this.
      You have to move on from her and not lice on false hope.
      Never allow yourself to appear desperate.
      No one will respect you ever.
      You are young.
      You have plenty of time to find another girl.
      but before you even do that , work on fixing what's broken inside so when you do enter a relationship you are "whole" and not broken.

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