How to move on?

i can't get over him until i meet a new guy. that's how i am and how i've always been.
but i'm not even attracted to other guys and it's been months.

any tips?

we dated very breifly. it got complicated and triangley so i bowed out. he's dating this other girl now because i told him i wouldn't fight for him.

i had meant that i wanted him to choose me. to want to be with me. to obviously, no question about it, want me. and my ego stepped in when he even mentioned the possibility of another girl. so i tossed him to her. and now i need to get over it and move forward... struggling.


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  • If you know that dating someone else works then that's what you'll have to do. It's not the best approach because you're involving someone else when your thoughts and feelings are a mess but if that is what works for you, go for it. Give it time and eventually someone else will come along, spend some time just learning from the experience and wallowing in the situation and then pick yourself up and move on. Go on Tinder for a confidence boost. Good luck!


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