Boyfriend broke up with me and I don't understand why?

I used to date this guy we'll call him aj and he was a jerk. And after we broke up I started dating his best friend we'll call him James. i know this isn't the best situation but it happened and James and I had something really great going.
Anyways, James is having a party tomorrow and we planned everything together and what not and then today he was like none of my friends trust me anymore and aj won't talk to me because I hooked up with you. But this was never much of a problem before in our relationship since the very beginning? He said that he wants to act like friends at his party and maybe just friends in general. When, 24 hours ago he was saying the exact opposite. So I told him that we were over and I wasn't going to his party. But I'm so mad this came out of left field please help.


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  • Sounds like since this party is happening none of his friends trust him and well of course Aj won't talk to him if he hooked up with you that makes since. Yea that's not cool if you helped him plan his party and then says he wants to act as friend F*** THAT! It's better he is telling you this right now and that way you don't have to keep investing more in him. He just wants you as a friend.. you should drop him!! Don't even go to his party.. I would be furious too


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