Girls, How can she move on so quickly?

i was in a two year relationship and she broke up with me. It really hurt me and I'm still hurting. It's only been a couple of months and I was starting to make some progress until I saw her post a pic of her and a new guy. How do people move on so quickly? Obviously she was over things even before the breakup but it just hurts. She knew I would see the pic. She knows she hurt me and she has to know that I'm still hurting. Why would she do something that she knows will hurt me all over again?


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  • I'm on the same boat wondering the same thing about him. We were together 4 years. 4 days ago he hot drunk and started texting me. He was the one who broke up with me a month ago. I was devastated. He has PTSD and said he couldn't be with me. He loves me but he can't be with me. So the other night he has a meltdown, he asks me to come over. He was drunk. I know I shouldn't of but I did. He wanted me to hold him. So I did. And he cried. Said he didn't know why he was doing all these things. He just wants to feel normal. And he missed me so much. And he's been having sex with multiple women since we broke up to try to make himself feel normal. That killed me. I comforted him. Let him finish. Then said I had to go. The next morning I told him I couldn't do it anymore. It hurts too much. I can't even be his friend. I told him not to contact me unless he was ready to quit drinking, sleeping with women and go to counceling. He replied a few hours later say he was sorry. That was it. Well I found out this morning he had a woman spend the night. Wow. Punch in the stomach. It sux. I don't understand how he can do this. Move on so quickly

    • That's a pretty bad situation. In my case, it makes me wonder what was going on behind my back.

    • Well if she moved on. So should you. That's what I'm thinking. I love the guy. But no matter how much he says he loves me. Actions really do speak louder than words. He's not fighting for me. Us. So what is there to hold on to. And besides. I know once I start moving on. THEN he'll start regretting and coming around. And I'm just tired of it. As this is actually not the first time

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