I'm in a lot of pain but my boyfriend is not breaking up with me and giving me fake hope?

We were arguing for a little while and we decided to make things better. He agreed to give this relationship one last shot but he's been sad! We agreed to make changes and I did, but I don't see him putting much effort. At a point he did and he stopped. He looks really down. I am so sad. We lived together for a year and i thought we were different.

He told me that he wants me but he don't. He still love and will always care about me. He thought I was the one but he's having doubt. After this conversation, he said we will give this once last shot. But he's been acting strange as in looking sad 24/7.

I don't know what to do. I am in a lot of pain because i feel like I'm hanging there. We are also going on vacation next week supposingly. Should I talk to him about this? I don't want to get him annoyed or push this relationship to end faster. The vacation might help.

Why is he doing this? What should i do?
This morning, i couldn't help it I asked him what's his plan. I was upset. I told him i'm trying to make things better but I feel ur moving away. He said he never really thought about it yet didn't really have time of himself. What do


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  • You need to spark the shit out of it. One single really intense moment of pure lust for one another. Complete presence under which you both stare into each others souls. If that doesn't help then you're toast.


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  • The writing on the wall and all, @Smilelovedove, is He wants you in his life but Not as a wife, not as a spul mate, that he is hooked a the hip with but Instead... As a single guy who can have his freedom to fly.
    I see all the 'Sad' signs, as wise as an owl that I am, and He is 'Acting strange as in 24/7' because he doesn't Know how to tell you.
    Sit him down before the Trip and confront him of what I know to be true. A Break may be the Best from the Rest right now, and along with the His and Her holiday, that could end up to be not only Costly but not worth your time or His, see what has to be done Next to either work this out somehow Or... Fly south for now.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Why is he sad? If you can get him to talk to a therapist, maybe that might help.


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  • IF he can't do, do it yourself. This relationship is Toxic. It goes nowhere.


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