A 21 yr old girl date a 29 year old guy?

A friend of mine dated a 29 yr old guy (polish). Broke up with her twice, finally when he break up with her he said the differences between them e. g music, age, religion, sports and etc. He wants his gf/wife to be to have some interest like him. He feels he's not a good boyfriend for her. Now he's smoking, depressed, everything is going downhill for him. He's sad bout the whole thing. He still loves her. What can she do.


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  • I don't think the age difference is that big of a deal. Last year I dated a 36yearold I'm 21. But it was mostly physical.8 years is nothing but at the end of the day maybe he getting ready to settle down and wants to be with someone he can relate to. The relationship might not be right for them the now there going be a difference how he going to want to spend his time when he's 30 and she 22. they should remain friends and live there separate life's maybe one day they can get together again later on down the road

    • True talk. I don't want a situation whereby they get together again and all this happens all over again. My friend is upset cause she gave her virginity to him. He told her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and two days later break up with her.

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  • The age difference isn't that big. But if it's not working out, time to move on.

    • Why is the breakup getting to him if that's what he wants

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  • I have the same age difference with my guy. We met at ages 19 and he was 28/29.
    We spent little time focusing on age because we enjoyed eachothers company.

    He clearly cares for her but seems to feel that besides age , they literally have nothing in common.
    Is that true? How does she feel?

    • Why is the breakup getting to him, if that's what he wants. If you want to be with someone, there's meant to be differences, they are to work it together.

  • Move on it not your job to make him happy! If your not happy with him leave that it!


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