Any girl out there ever have a short term (3 months) boyfriend return after dumping you, if so what did you do/not do?

Was in a relationship with an older guy where everything went well. I was introduced to his friend and siblings and was included. Our main prob. was having issues communicating. We mainly only saw each other on weekends. I needed more initiation on communication on his end through out the week. He would text me but most of the time it'd feel like he did it out of obligation other than WANTING too. He was a never married, no kids guy in his early 40 where I was a gal in her late 20's with a 4 yr old. His friends basically told me they have never seen him behave the way he did when we were together. He was sharing his food, and they were like whoa I have been friends with hims for years and he's never done any of those things. So just this Fri. after him thinking about things he said that he cannot give me what I needed in a relationship and that it was better if stop seeing each other. He said that he don't think we'd be happy in the long term with each. I didn't argue and or fight and graciously accepted. I am trying to see if there were women who may have been in this situation and the guy returned. Just want to add that ALL of his friends are married couples. However all 3 of his siblings including him are people in their 40s never married. He even told me that his sister had told his mother that he'd had a "lady friend."


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  • He's not relarionship / husband material


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