Girls, The "Leave My Past Behind" message?

Received this from a girl who I consider a Friend...

Good morning Brian, sorry I have been closed off lately. I had gotten a new number so I apologize if you text and I didn't text back. I am at a point where I am moving on and I want to leave my past behind and remember our friendship in a good light. I do not wish to hurt you and I am sorry if this does! I wish you only the best in your future endeavors and hope that you continue to remember me in a positive way smile emoticon Take care and all the best!

I replied with a short suble mesage with no negativity and we have an open channel on FB whenever I need to reach out to her because I still care for her.

Im wondering though if she does care otherwie she would have ceased all communication?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Clearly she must care for you to a certain degree otherwise she would just drop you... I'm a girl and come on let's be realistic. She sent you a polite message explaining why she's making this move so she doesn't hurt you ( well as much if she went on about it differently). So there is feelings there or we can say a mutual respect. I would advise to move on and seek new adventures to get your mind off things. Nothing worse for a girl to think a man who was so into her is now moving on to many other attractive women and actually having a fun life!

  • She wants to move on.


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