Who was in the wrong, I need straight up advice please?

I dated my ex for a year and half nearly, We started dating in March of 2014 everything was fine at the beginning we both seemed happy. Nothing seemed to be going wrong untill December 2014. We both went to QLD for his cousins 21st party which was really important to him, he hadn't seen her or his other family in awhile and i was so greatful i was invited to come with him. We had dinner with his family where i was finally introduced to his family aside from his parents as he's orginally from there so he doesn't have family where we live. He told them how he had future plans for us that we would move in together within the next year and a half hopefully. Untill the night of the party that is, where he wasn't really introducing me to anyone I had never been to QLD before never met any of these people before im not a confident person either and he knew this however he continued to leave me. I would have been okay if he had at least introduced me to a few people and then left me on my own. I told him how i felt about it yet he continued to do it, at one point when we had first got there i told him i was going to the bathroom when i came back out no one was there at all they had gone inside the function room. I had no clue where it was i was looking around for it for about half n hour before his mum came and found me where they had orginally left me i was drunk and was balling my eyes out i didn't know what to do. The night carried on and i got drunker and so did he everytime he left me i would end up at the bar getting a drink because i was trying to make myself more confident ended up making me jealous of all these girls around that he had grown up with and made me have more self-doubt. I ended up having a huge fight with him for the rest of the night which resulted in calling my parents to book me a flight home and him on the other line trying to understand what has happend. It was a really big mistake but it would have been prevented if he hadn't left me in the first place


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  • It also wouldn't have been blown out of proportion as bad if you hadn't gotten drunk

    • We had originally discussed him leaving me before both of us had something to drink. I agree with that I shouldn't have got drunk. I think I thought this would allow me to be more comfortable and confident considering that he had showed he wasn't going to stop leaving me on my own in a strange country where I didn't know anyone.

    • That was pretty shitty

    • Which part?

  • You are in the wrong.

    • Im wrong for the way I handled the situation, but there wouldn't have even been a problem if he respected the way I felt in the first place and didn't continue to make me feel uncomfortable. You would think if you loved someone you wouldn't want them to feel that way.

    • One wrong doesn't terminate another.

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